If you encounter anomalies or lack of packages we recommend these simple but important procedures:

  1. it is essential to count the number of packages and compare them with those indicated on documents. In case of inconsistency you must write it on transport sheets.
  2. check the status of the material. In the event that there are damaged packages it must be mentioned on documents.
  3. the shipment with sealed pallets with shrink and the cross of Colkim tape (seal) shows “package # 1” on documents: in this case it should be viewed and specified only if the pallet has been tampered since the carrier does not allow to inspect inside.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: signed “subject” in the event that there are doubtful situations (tampered pallet, unsealed, necks crushed, leakage, etc.). Prepare a stamp, with the text: “SIGNED SUBJECT TO INSPECTION MATERIAL AND QUANTITY” If you do not comply with these guidelines, any dispute should NOT be taken into consideration.


Over the years we have created a unique sales network, suffice to say that we prefer to call our agentstechnicians”. They are our strength.

Their professionalism and expertise allows us to let fully appreciate the quality of our products, the seriousness and competence that complete the sale. The theory improved by practical experience of years with Professional Pest Controllers has made of our experienced consultants of first tier.

Those who rely on their assistance can be said to have grown, improved and sometimes transformed.

If you have a technical request write to us. You can have an answer in short time.