The utmost in innovation while respecting tradition


If you were asked “what it means to be an innovator”, would you be able to give an answer? At first reading, you might answer that being an innovator means finding new solutions, implementing something that already exists, or in some cases, seeing something others don’t. Being, what many call, visionaries.

We wondered a lot about what the word “innovation” meant for us; for us, innovation means “making a positive change in the existing state of affairs”.

We are here to talk to you about this change: February 22, 2022 represents our innovation, our positive change. The foundations of our history made of professionalism, historicity and continuity are enriched by innovation, reliability and sustainability leading us into a new and real future.

A future that finds its concretization in a brand, that of Colkim, which has been able to go beyond “chemical collaborations”: clearly identifying what it could offer that is “more than chemistry”.

We want to show ourselves this way, with clarity and transparency, sharing our vision and our future with you: the utmost in innovation while respecting tradition.